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Keep your business documents and all digital assets in check with the SIGNATUS solution. Efficiently centralize their management, optimize and automatize your key business workflows, and ensure a smooth and convenient operation of your business anytime and anywhere:

  • online and offline,
  • in-person and remotely, 
  • locally and globally.

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BNP Paribas
VW finančné služby
Všeobecná zdravotná poisťovňa
Banka Creditas
Ministry of Health of Poland
Energo Pro
Tatra Leasing
Slovak Parcel Service
Partners Group SK
ČSOB Leasing
Banco Bradesco

Digitalize your business and operational processes in a SIMPLE and effective manner

The SIGNATUS solution boasts all the key features for a 21st-century business

Consent Management

Digital validation and consent for contracts and binding documents

Digital Asset and Business Content Management

Archive, upload, and manage contracts and documents securely. Simplify the ways you access and circulate your company content

On-Site Handwritten Digital Signature

Sign digitally and on-site on any device during in-person meetings

Remote Digital Signature

Enable document signing from any location via email, links, or integrated apps

Workflow Automation

Automate workflows, approvals, and document notifications to streamline both internal and external processes for employees, clients, and partners

Customized Mobile App

A mobile application tailored to your immediate needs and ambitions, where you can quickly create required document templates without preparation and online

Digital front desk

Connect with your clients digitally. The innovative digital front desk platform streamlines your sales processes as a Point-of-Sale solution, accelerates onboarding, and offers unique personalization tailored for every customer.

Thanks to its intuitive interface and advanced tools, you can immediately respond to shifting market trends and customer behaviors in a customer-centric and user-friendly manner.

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„We perceive the SIGNATUS solution as a natural extension and integral part of the “digital first” strategy of ČSOB, embodying the ethos of a modern digital bank. While it is a comprehensive solution with numerous integrations into banking systems, from our client's perspective, it’s an incredibly straightforward process to sign the bank’s contract documentation – literally with a single click of the mouse. We don’t only see the benefit of the digital signature solution in enhancing the customer experience, but also in our commitment to responsible business practices, thus fulfilling our objective of long-term sustainability and environmental protection. The digital signature and management of digital documents for our clients undeniably help us achieve this goal.“

Martin Šimko, Head of Digital Development and Sale

Boost your business with digital acceleration

Reduced Document Approval Time

Switching to digital document management significantly shortens the time required for client contract approvals and oversight of documents from employees and partners

Paperless Operation

SIGNATUS transforms your company into a paperless workplace, dramatically reducing costs related to document printing, handling, and archiving

Enhanced Security & Compliance

The SIGNATUS solution offers superior encryption, audit trails, and adheres to international regulations concerning electronic signatures

Streamlined Workflow Automation

Automatized document circulation based on predefined rules eliminates manual handling and speeds up associated processes

Faster Contract Turnaround

SIGNATUS accelerates document approval compared to traditional contract signing

Elimination of Human Errors

Automated processes and digital checks considerably reduce errors in document processing, distribution, and archiving

Advanced Mobility & Remote Access

With the SIGNATUS solution, businesses can operate, review, and sign documents from anywhere, anytime, on any device

Boosted Employee Productivity

Employees and partners spend less time on administrative and manual tasks like printing, scanning, and mailing, allowing them to focus on core business and customer activities

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Make Your Business More Comfortable with the Practical Features of the SIGNATUS Solution


Cost Efficiency

Eliminate the rising expenses associated with managing printed documents. Shift to a more sustainable and cost-effective solution

Unified Content and Task Management

Effortlessly manage company content, ensuring all materials are always accessible wherever and whenever

Document Security & Protection

With our solution, the loss of key documents is a thing of the past. Safeguard your records securely and in pristine condition

Instant Information Search

No more tedious searching. Access everything you need within seconds

Unlimited Access

Whether you're in the office or on the other side of the world, your documents are just a click away

Enhanced Document Oversight

Conduct transparent reviews of shared documents easily, even with external clients and partners

Optimized Document Flows

Streamline business processes, accelerate approvals, and enhance collaboration both within and outside the company

Modular Expandability

As your business grows, so does our solution. With a range of add-ons and modules, you have the flexibility to tailor the solution to your current needs

Beyond the clear benefits for our customers, the implementation of this remote signing solution aligns perfectly with our company's transition plans towards a paperless office. We are now delighted to cover the entire contract life cycle with the option to sign documents electronically, eliminating the need for paper documentation.

Jakub Stankovský, Head of Contract Administration
Volkswagen Financial Services

As of now, 99% of insurance contracts sold/signed in the NN Slovensko distribution network utilize this solution, with an impressive 95% adoption rate on the day of the solution's deployment. In less than 3 months, over 2,100 insurance contracts were signed via this solution in our internal distribution network (data as of March 28, 2021). Based on user feedback, we can confidently state that the solution is user-friendly and requires minimal support, guidelines, supporting materials, tutorials, or further motivation.

Roman Frno, Business Manager
NN Group

Customer Data Management & Analysis
Workflow Management
Workflow Automation
Integrated E-signature
Digital Asset Management
Customization & Corporate Branding
Security Management
Custom Mobile App
Consent Management
Digital Front Desk
Digital Kiosk & Point-of-Sale solution

Financial services

Consolidate all critical documents from your diverse systems. Automate transactional processes, eliminate data discrepancies, and enhance the overall customer experience.

Provide investors and portfolio managers with a comprehensive view of all pertinent information. Streamline investment profiles, client consents, and investor communications.

Simplify customer interactions by systematically distributing documents and relevant materials and remotely validating transactions.

Reduce operational costs with a clearer, more streamlined approach to administrative management in both internal processes and client relations.


Centralize all patient information from the various medical tools and platforms you utilize. Automate data collection, eliminate duplicate records, and simplify communication between patients and your healthcare facility.

Strengthen your patient care team with a centralized approach to a patient's medical records. Simplify care plans, medical guidelines, inter-departmental communication, and post-discharge instructions.

Bridge geographical gaps by integrating electronic signatures, ensuring authenticated and secure remote patient consultations, and streamlining the consent process.

 Cut costs and boost the productivity of key administrative personnel. Enhance scheduling, patient intake, employee record management, all within a secure and collaborative environment.

Human relations

Consolidate all applicant data from the myriad of sources you use daily. Streamline the recruitment process, minimize paper trail, and elevate candidate interaction with your HR teams through a delightful user experience.

Offer HR teams a consolidated view of all pertinent employee documents. Automatically update and quickly access records as you need them, regardless of the device.

Seamless integration of training materials, quizzes, and progress tracking. Send automatic notifications to employees, complete with training materials.

Simplify the termination process and ensure that all necessary forms are properly signed and digitally stored.

Leasing services

Consolidate all contractual documents in one place. Automate contract workflows, remove information barriers, and enhance client satisfaction.

Offer clients an integrated view of essential data, combining asset purchase, maintenance records, residual value calculations, and end-of-term processes.

Automate document management and allow instant contract signing and revisions directly in the showroom to speed up approval processes.

Reduce operational costs and elevate the productivity of key internal operations with improved document management and team collaboration.

Manufacturing & industry

Centralize and simplify supplier contract management. Ensure quick and legally binding electronic signatures for remote confirmations, accelerating order approvals.

Digitalize the management of employment contracts, electronic distribution, and validation of contract addendums. Expedite approval processes for recruitment and staff management, ensuring digital archiving of HR documents.

Centralize the archiving of training, employee certificates, and work permits. Streamline the approval of safety standards and regulations, automate fire protection document management, and simplify records of professional inspections, specialized equipment tests, and work accidents.

Enhance process efficiency by simplifying work instruction management, ensuring immediate digital signatures for approvals or revisions, and centralizing production-related documentation.


Simplify the management of parts and materials purchases. Enhance efficiency, reduce manual interventions, and ensure timely, effective solutions to procurement challenges.

Enable your suppliers for easy integration into your systems. Eliminate information barriers and ensure every supplier meets your required standards.

Generate contracts automatically, manage purchase orders through a unified system, and easily process bulk supplier payments. Build supplier trust with timely and transparent transactions.

Lower operational costs and enhance the efficiency of key teams. Optimize administration, effectively manage content, foster collaboration, and ensure impeccable security protocols.

Retail & wholesale

Elevate the customer experience with seamless management of the entire purchase and return processes, electronic signing, auto-generating and sending of invoices, and straightforward management of claims forms and return documents.

Achieve centralized management and easy revision of purchase contracts, both in-person and remote digital signatures for order forms, delivery and acceptance protocols.

Streamline franchise contract management, simplify the review and approval of marketing materials, resources, and events, and ensure fast, legally binding digital authorizations for operational decision-making and approval processes between franchisees and franchisors.

Simplify work shift management, implement swift digital approvals for internal processes, centralize archiving, and manage inventory records, receiving and handover protocols, and order documents.

ENERGY & utilities

Consolidate crucial data from your billing and metering systems. Simplify invoice generation, automate meter reading write-off procedures, rectify missing data, and enhance the overall customer experience, ensuring client comfort.

Equip your on-field employees and teams with a comprehensive overview of assets, work assignments, and other essential documentation. Streamline infrastructure audits, real-time repair approvals, and updates.

Simplify client contractual relationships with automatic contract and addendum generation between consumers and distribution networks. Automate tariff approval and update processes, ensuring reliable and secure energy consumption records.

Ease operational administration management, from automating document tracking and regulatory compliance to swift electronic signing of internal decisions and audits, culminating in unified storage and access to records on energy supplies, consumption, consumers, and production.

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Electronic Signatures Hasten Digitalization

The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the significance of the digitalization of paper processes. Due to restrictive measures, companies in various fields have had to change their business practices on short notice. The sudden limitation of personal contact has disabled processes which require physical interaction with clients.

Digital tranformation at the point of sale

One of the largest banks in Slovakia has modernized the provision of consulting at its branch offices through digital technologies. ČSOB has been carrying out digital transformation for a long period of time through several projects.

Digitizing Brazilian healthcare with Signatus

ANASOFT, a leading Slovak software company, contributes to digitization of Brazilian healthcare sector with its electronic signature product Signatus.