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SIGNATUS is an award-winning solution for digital document processing, data distribution and electronic signing. The ultimate tool to navigate towards a paperless office and accelerate full scale digital transformation. See how it works:

Enhanced customer experience

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Flexible and lightweight deployment

with multiple custom features

Secure and protected data

ensuring legal compliance and authenticity

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Document composure and preview

When meeting in person, SIGNATUS automatically shows documents to be read and signed based on user or device with specific license.

Signing contracts at a third-party site

Providing consumer credit in electronics stores. As part of the signing of the application for registration or business case, a photograph with proof of identity and a potential client may be submitted.

Client onboarding

Signing documents when mobile device is delivered by a carrier. Thanks to the electronic signature client has the service of a telecommunications operator activated within a few minutes.

Multi-signature documents

The legal nature of documents may require the signature of several persons in different places. Physical copies sent by mail are converted into a single digital original. Signing documents upon receipt from the delivery carrier.

Processing documents from the comfort of home

Insurance contract sent to email, the client signs the document via an Internet browser after link click.

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Become a SIGNATUS partner and implement advanced solutions for electronic signature. Under your own brand, with your customers and with our support. Broaden your offer in the local market and expand your portfolio.

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Using our modern app, you can prepare, preview and sign any PDF document on Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices. With Signatus can also send and sign PDF documents via email or to your dedicated system.

Our application enhances the signing process with customisable interface and procedures. Signatus seamlessly integrates to your dedicated enterprise management system.

Electronic signature has the same legally binding attributes as a handwritten signature by hand.

With Signatus you can create handwritten electronic signature with biometric features. European Union and eIDAS regulation define this type of signature as Advanced Electronic Signature (AES).

Electronic signature with biometry can be analysed by professional forensic experts the same way as “wet” signature on paper.

Signatus works best on devices that allow the use of an electronic pen to capture biometric features (pressure, curves, stroke) during the signing process as well as a pleasant signing experience.

It is possible to use another way of interaction with touchcreen, for example mouse or similar device connected to a computer. In this case, it is necessary to consider the reduced quality of the recorded biometric data.

When you sign with a mouse or finger, the signature loses some of the dynamic values that the finger or mouse cannot provide. The legislation does not specify what values need to be collected in the signature. Thus, a signature made with a mouse or finger is as binding as a signature made with a pen. In practice, this means that a scribe is less likely to be able to determine the match of signatures.

Document's integrity is ensured by inserting a digital certificate for each handwritten electronic signature. Any change to the content of the document is automatically reported by standard PDF display software.

Signatus does not store the information of your customers. it works with predefined workflows that secure a legally binding signature, encrypt and send the signed document to your dedicated system. No data remains in the device. All stored documents are encrypted using AES-256 encryption.

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