Paperless office within your reach

Signatus delivers an easy to use and customizable electronic signature and digital document distribution platform that integrates seamlessly into your existing systems.


of paper processes


of direct and indirect costs

Document management

on an unlimited number of devices

Smooth interconnection

to existing systems


of interaction with client

Elimination of risk

of degradation and human error

Paperless office transformation

Sign document with handwritten electronic signature in face-to-face scenarios using tablets or other mobile phones devices even if you are not momentarily online.

Turn any mobile device into a powerful business tool. Sales representatives can edit the document and customer can sign it on the spot. Mobile devices give you freedom to engage customers wherever they are. 

  • download documents to the device in online mode
  • edit and sign documents offline
  • compatible with third party software across all mobile platforms

Automated document distribution

Always have the right document displayed. Our integration component automatically distributes content between the document management systems and devices. Based on the licence installed on device and data from CRM, Signatus even has the ability to prefill fields in PDF dokument based on the predefined criteria for license.

Signatus offers the possibility to set specific steps for numerous signatures with predefined order.

No more manual document handling thanks to fast and simple API implementation and supported REST or CMIS integration.

Remote electronic signature

There is no need to meet for a single signature. Prepare the document, sign or request a signature via generated link. SIGNATUS previews the document in the internet browser and sends it back after the signing process completion.

Remote electronic signature maintains the same level of compliance and security as all other solutions in SIGNATUS family.

Custom UI and workflow management

SIGNATUS increases productivity of business processes that require document audit trail. The solution has full offline capability and adheres to the highest security standards.

Thanks to powerful extensions workflows setup has never been easier. Need to guide the signatory through specific steps, prefill text fields, assign tasks or set up tick boxes? A step-by-step process will seamlessly navigate your clients towards the final signature. 

Thanks to this innovative solution, customization has never been easier and at a fraction of the cost.


Exported biometric signature data can be further analysed by forensic experts through analytical tool which can visualize specific signature features.

SIGNATUS Analyzer is a Windows analysis application where signature biometric data are visualized for specific examination procedures.

  • signature visualization
  • stretching in time
  • overlap of multiple signatures
  • “video” or motion type of analysis
  • measure distances
  • measure angles
  • display strokes

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