Signatus partnership program

Become our partner and include SIGNATUS in your current offer. Expand the range of services in the local market and simply expand your client portfolio.

  • Remarkable user experience with digital document processing, signing and administration
  • Advanced model of commissions, profit from licence sales and provided service
  • Quick deployment on the client side
  • Assistance in business cases (dedicated consultant and sales manager)
  • Provided know-how, training, complete business documentation
  • Long-term technical support
  • Extensive support and independence
  • Instructions for specific business situations and application of the solution

Multiple cooperation models.
Which role would suit you the most?



Reach to different industries and verticals where digital signature solutions have the highest potential of bringing tangible value to the customer.

System integrator

Build applications using our platform. System integrators also customise the UI and develop client-specific logic leveraging our Mobile App Solutions. Integrate with existing IT systems using our APIs.

Feeling premium?

Build your own applications from the bottom up using our platform. Customize UI and develop client-specific logic with our solutions. Integrate with existing IT systems using our APIs, market your activities with extensive support and upscale business development on selected markets. 

  Partner System integrator Premium associate
Licence distribution
Small scale development  
Custom UIs  
System integration  
Ground up development    
Marketing and business development activities    

SIGNATUS framework main benefits

  • Ease of integration and express deployment on the client side
  • Integration via CMIS, REST, Web
  • App-to-app integration
  • POC within 24 hours
  • HTML5 extensions - personalized user interface and workflows, sample guides (Java, API, UIP)
  • Process design according to client parameters - profit from production
  • Unique look and functionalities

Your clients will benefit from:

Digital transformation of paper processes and acceleration of contractual processes

Clients sign digital documents in personal contact via mobile devices. Thanks to SIGNATUS solution, you can also sign any contracts remotely via an internet browser.

Reduction of errors and procedures standardization

Electronic signing eliminates incomplete and inaccurate document filling. Digitization of paper processes creates a full-fledged archiving and eliminates the physical degradation of signed documents.

System integration and technical flexibility

SIGNATUS can be integrated into existing applications, platforms and other solutions. Deploying SIGNATUS is easy and fast.

Personalized user interface and workflows

SIGNATUS offers extensive customization options that reflect internal processes, workflows, client requirements, and corporate identity.

Decrease in overhead costs

Digitization and electronic signing eliminate administration that is tied to supporting processes.

Variability of use of mobile platforms

An interaction touch screen device provides a platform for electronic signature and displays marketing content through SIGNATUS solution.

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